Without prompting from Les, but with reference to him, Veronica called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Leon had yet another version of O Canada for us, one with a Langley connection, and we enjoyed singing our anthem.
     Veronica asked Wayne, as Foundation Chair, to read the Rotary Foundation Weekly Moment for the week of July 20.   What is The Rotary Foundation?  The Rotary Foundation is the economic engine for Rotary International. It is a non-profit corporation that is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of Rotary who share its vision of a better world. Its sole mission is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, good will and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty. We accomplish that through our local and international humanitarian and educational programs.
     Our guest speakers were Wayne Crossen, Al Stjernegaard, and Glen Brown from World Help Network, informing us about the history and work done by the group.  Our club is one of the Rotary club members of this organization.  Originally they shipped medical equipment and medical supplies to needy countries, and while these items still are being sent, they have been joined by dental equipment, education furniture and supplies, and sports equipment.  WHN is currently planning for a container to be sent to Belize in September, and the Port Moody club is short on funds due to fundraising restrictions during COVID.  We were able to give the three visiting Rotarians great news that our club had passed a motion to contribute $3000 to this project, which will provide sufficient funding to complete the project.
     Another of our guests, Patricia Cruz, spoke briefly about a container she is hoping to send to El Salvador to help people reconstruct homes destroyed by tropical storm Amanda.  We will hear more about this at a future meeting.
     Following the pledges of happy and sad dollars, we raised our glasses in a toast to Canada.  Board members then reconvened for their first executive meeting of the new year. For more photos please visit July 23, 2020.