As usual, we had a very pleasant social interaction and conversation before the meeting began.  Veronica waited for her cues, then called the meeting to order.  This time people remembered our theme, “Rotary Opens Opportunities.”
     Leon played a version of O Canada showing beautiful scenery without lyrics, and I suspect not all members sang.  At some houses, though, it is claimed the singing was spectacular.  We sang Happy Birthday to Nav, 84 years young, and our president’s comment was, “I think we’re getting better.”  In person we can sing in unison; online it is more difficult to do so. 
     Announcements: five solar lights have been installed in the arboretum parking lot, Rotary facemasks are available for $8 each (minimum 250), and our speakers for the next few meetings were announced. 
     Wayne read the TRF announcement for the week. Click What is a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member? to read the short article.    
     We welcomed Phoenix MacLaren as our special guest and speaker.  Phoenix is a member of the Rotaract Club of the Fraser Valley and is serving as District 5050 Rotaract Representative (among other positions).  We have ten Rotaract clubs in our district, and they are in email contact with each other.  Rotaractors are now serving on several district committees.  Phoenix feels that RYLA is the best recruiting tool for Rotaract, and is pleased that there is no longer an upper age limit for membership.
     Wayne recorded happy and sad dollar pledges, some donated straight to their own collection containers, and we closed with a toast to Canada. For more photos please visit August 20, 2020.