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Two meetings! Every Thursday the “Morning Meeting” gathers at 7 am at the Bear Mountain Grill (12300 Old Glenn) and the “Noon Meeting” gathers weekly at 12 pm at Piccolino’s.
12801 Old Glenn
Eagle River, AK  99577
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All hands on deck! We need each member of our club to support our biggest fundraiser of the year in whatever capacity he/she can. It's the final push and reports are that our pre-event ticket sales are down. Come to the booth this weekend to help sell tickets or join us for the parade sales. Every effort is appreciated and will make a difference. To sell in the parade, meet at the Chevron at 10 am on Saturday to pick up some "swag" and selling tips. The more the merrier! The big event is set for Sunday at 4:30 but there is so much to see and do throughout the weekend so come on down and enjoy the wonderful community of Eagle River during the annual Bear Paw Festival. Long live I-Did-A-Duck!

 This year's Rotary theme is  

  "Be the Inspiration."  

At some point, we all were inspired to make a commitment to Rotary, and that inspiration was different for each of us.  Some joined the club as a way to network and to increase their bottom line.  Others were inspired when they learned about the thousands of service projects Rotarians are responsible for each year and wanted to be a part of that organization.  Still others were just looking to make new friends.  No matter what initially brought us to Rotary, we are now all Rotarians and have the opportunity to inspire others.   

Inspiration is defined as "the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions."  So, how do we as Rotarians "move" the intellect or emotions of others?  It's simple; we do things that inspire us.  Find that project or cause that is important to you and bring that energy and drive to the rest of the club.  At first it may be a challenge to get others onboard (some of us are creatures of habit), but it only takes a few inspired people to get something started.  And once it's started, others will want to be part of it (if you’re lucky, someone will be inspired enough to volunteer to be in charge next year).  When our friends and neighbors see Rotary out in the community and learn about these projects, some of them will become inspired to find something to support that is special to them. 

As this year's club president, I look forward to working with each of you so that our club can “Be the Inspiration.”

Tim McLain
President, Eagle River Area Rotary
Robert Amundson was inducted on 5 July as our newest member.  Robert is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and works out of the Chugiak office.  Even before becoming an official member, he has been active in the club and is already raising the bar.  He was voted “Best Dressed” at our work party to assemble the picnic tables for Chief Alex Park.  Welcome, Robert, and thank you for bringing your son along to help celebrate. It's never to early to start on the road to Rotary.
It was such a pleasure having part of the Munson family attend our morning meeting to inform and entertain us with their new endeavor of raising lambs as their 4H project. It takes a group effort and a lot of dedication to bring those lambs to  "fair-worthy quality." Sam and Gloria, aided by mom Julia gave us all the important details of this educational and inspirational project. It is obviously a labor of love for this family. We wish them all the best as they bring Cupid and Shredder to the AK fair this August. If anyone would like to get involved as a buyer or "investor" the paperwork is available on the website.
Mark Hamilton, VP of External Affairs
Jul 19, 2018 12:00 PM
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Club Assembly
Jul 26, 2018 12:00 PM
Budget Review!
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To provide business, professional, and local leaders opportunities to serve others in ways that benefit our community and to promote high ethical standards, fellowship and goodwill in our community and worldwide.