Speaker Date Topic
Robert Beezat (Vallely) Apr 24, 2018
Knowing and Loving: The keys to Real Happiness, Invocation(Vallely),F&F(Birch),RM(Biciste)

At the Core of "Service Above Self" and the "Four Way Test"

TBD May 01, 2018
Speaker (Birch), Invocation (Birch), F&F (Biciste), RM )Keppel)
George Dorner May 08, 2018 7:15 AM
Daffodils, Invocation (Dorner), F&F (Keppel), RM (Birch)

Well folks, this is a fill-in for this date. I've already done three of these according to the description below. I'll shorten this one to fit our time.

Different Daffs – Overview of an Addiction

Daffodil fanciers often say that they suffer from the Yellow Fever, but most of their present interests and activities are rarely constrained only to yellow daffodils. After a very brief discussion of the whys and hows of growing the favorite spring bloom, this talk will delve into unusual forms of narcissis, into new colors, new seasons, current hybridizing trends, and how the internet has changed the hobby of growing and showing daffodils.

George Dorner is a hobby gardener in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, where his first planting of tulips at a new house was mowed down by deer in less than a season, never to return. He discovered daffodils as a possible remedy and got hooked on daffodils in the bargain.. He has served as frequent President of the Midwest Daffodil Society, which is centered at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and he served as President of the American Daffodil Society from 2009-2011. In the summer he keeps his fingernails dirty tending native plants, dahlias, unwelcome weeds, with occasional Master Gardener activities while waiting for the fall daffodil bulb planting time. So many bulbs, so little time.

TBD May 15, 2018
Speaker (Keppel), Invocation (Keppel), F&F (Spencer), RM (Riehn)
Ross Spencer May 22, 2018
Evolution of the Nat'l Wildlife Refuge System, Invocation (Spencer), F&F (Riehn), RM (Dorner)
George Dorner (Dorner) Jun 12, 2018
Snippets of Local History, Largely In The Original Long Grove, Invocation (Dorner), F&F (Mintz), RM

When Susan Dillon spoke to us about Ela 55+, Don asked, "Who was Ela?". In this talk, crafted with captivating visual accompaniment and guaranteed not to run over 31 minutes, you will learn Who George Ela was and where Ela, Illinois was, Who is buried not far from Don Biciste's house?, Why was the "Standoff at the Cuba Road Bridge" never made into a movie?, and "Can you get me a tee time in Lake Zurich?".