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Maple Grove Rotary News
The Maple Grove Rotary Club will be hosting a celebration on July 29th, 2017! We will be celebrating 100 years of doing good in the world by The Rotary Foundation. Since it's first contribution of $26.50 100 years ago The Rotary Foundation has spent more than $3 billion on projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, support education, save mothers and children and grow local economies.Your local Maple Grove Rotary Club is comprised of community members like yourself with a passion for improving the world around them! Join us for a day of family fun with live music, a photo booth, bouncy house, food trucks and more!
When: Saturday July 29th, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m
Where: Town Green Park, located off Main Street near the Maple Grove Library.
What: Celebrating 100 years of The Rotary Foundation
Help your neighbors by bringing a food donation to collection barrels located near the live music.
The Maple Grove Rotary Club would like to congratulate Callie Marino, Emily Johnson and Natalie Kampa for receiving the 2017 Maple Grove Ambassadorships ! Callie Marino and Emily Johnson are also Junior Rotarians! Congratulations!!!!
A teddy bear, a book and a quilt.
Where do they belong? On a child's bed.
But what if there isn't a bed for that child? What if there isn't money to buy a bed?
That's where CROSS Services and the Maple Grove Rotary come together. On Saturday July 15, The Maple Grove Rotary club will be hosting the Bed Races on Main Street.  
When CROSS Program Staff has identified a family in need of a bed, the Maple Grove Rotary members have stepped into action. They build a bed at a member's home; work with CROSS to find bedding, add a teddy bear made by a Rotarian, and books donated to CROSS; and go to the Maple Grove Quilters Guild for one of the beautiful quilts that members donate.
This partnership between CROSS and the Rotary club members began in 2007, and has provided more than 250 beds to children in our community.  In 2014, the Rotarians began adding all the bedding and making the bed frame for each children.  Already in 2017, 16 beds have been made and donated to client youth. Each wooden bed is built from materials furnished by the Rotarians, sanded, varnished and finished, and then delivered, set up, and made up with bed linens and a pillow.
We need friends, local churches, businesses or any organization or group,  that would like to push a bed to come out and register to push a bed or  have one built. How would you like to promote your bed in the parade on July 13th?
A cash prize and recognition is given out to the  team who raises the most additional funds raised, will any team beat out Seed to Seedlings who raised $500 last year?
Please create 3-4 15 second information bits about your business or organization that will be read race night and send those to Susan Pryce:spryceless@gmail.com
If you are interested in having a bed in the 2017 Bed Race on July 15, please contact Thomas Anderson: 763–245–7006 or thomas.anderson@libertymutual.com .
Registration forms on on the website.
The Maple Grove Rotary Business Ethics and Leadership Award will recognize an individual or leader of a business or organization that exemplifies high ethical behavior and/or strong leadership in their conduct and operations.  The commitment to ethics should be demonstrated at all levels of the culture including dealing with customers, clients, employees, members, vendors, owners, the community and charitable endeavors.   Ethics may be illustrated in company marketing, operations, communications, sales practices, publications and reputation in the community.  Leadership may be shown by how the individual leads the business /organization through adversity and success.  Leadership may also include a commitment to diversity and involvement in local, regional and national issues.
Nominations will be accepted from individuals, business men and women, organizations, municipalities, chambers, civic groups, and churches that work, serve, reside or volunteer in Maple Grove or Osseo. 
The winner of the Business Ethics and Leadership Award will be recognized as a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.   A Paul Harris Fellow recognizes an individual for substantial contribution to humanitarian and educational service and demonstration of the Rotary Foundation objectives.   With the award of a Paul Harris Fellow, $1,000.00 will be donated in the recipient’s name to the Rotary International Foundation. 
Application Deadline is September 30,2017.  The Application and any supporting documentation must be mailed or emailed to Jenny Toutloff at: Jtoutoff@hennsnoxlaw.com on or before the date of September 30, 2017.  
What makes Rotary so special? It is the support from other clubs and Rotarians to accomplish good in the world.  We have a great partnership with the Rotary Club of Rogers.  Our club with the support of so many clubs has been actively involved with the feminine hygiene project led by Judy Johnson.  She advocates for this project and so many have just jumped in where needed to support the sewing, donating materials and time to organize and help at sew-a-thons, and distribution of 1,300 kits to 11 countries in need. Rogers has donated $1000 to go for this project for material and supplies that are needed.
Rogers Rotary also have donated $500 to be used for the remaining balance left on the playground in Sasabe, Mexico that was installed in February, 2017.  We showed them the video of the kids playing on the playground. They loved the idea of a playground from Maple Grove being repurposed and given a new home in Mexico, and watching the joy of the children playing.  A HUGE Thank You to this club for their support.

The Rotary club of Maple Grove working together with Students Connecting through International Service ( SCTIS) and Kids Around the World, were recently to fulfill a dream two years in the making by building two playgrounds in the small town of Sasabe Mexico, just across the border from Arizona. Judy Johnson, Susan Pryce, and Mary Helen Bosquez were there representing the Rotary Club of Maple Grove. The organization, Kids around the World, refurbishes playgrounds and installs them in third world countries.  They were able to get a playground from one of our Maple Grove sites for this project. The second playground was from Sahuarita, Arizona.

The installation week consisted of unloading a semi truck of playground equipment on Sunday at the US border into 10 pickup trucks for transport .6 mile to the school. Monday was the day to auger and dig holes, 50 in total. Tuesday saw the completion of the hole-digging and the swings set in place. Wednesday the second playground was set up and the cement was mixed and poured.

Friday morning was the dedication of the playground. This was Flag Day in Mexico, and there was a special program at the school to honor the national flag. Then came the inauguration ceremony for the playground. The Mayor Chito Lopez gave a brief speech of gratitude. Principal Pedro then told the children that this was the realization of a dream that had begun more than a few years ago. He said that with the end of the ceremony, this playground would be theirs. He asked them what was the most important word to remember, and they all shouted "Cuidado!" (careful). He urged them to be careful as they played, but also to care for the playground, so that it would last for many more years. We gave the go-ahead, they rushed onto the field with many happy exclamations. It is hard to convey the sheer delight in their faces as they explored their new playground.

"Be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." A blessing felt.  The team added “A heartfelt thank you to all of the great souls who have contributed in so many ways to this labor of love.”