Rotary Club of Maple Grove
Every Day” Rotarian
As a Rotarian, we know we can’t be involved in everything, but being involved is important! 
For New Members:
The goal of the “Every Day” program is to orient new club members through a series of simple tasks, and club activities to learn more about the Rotary Club of Maple Grove over the first year of membership.
There is a lot happening in the Rotary Club of Maple Grove.  At first, it can seem overwhelming.  volunteer activities, committee meetings, website, newsletters, social events, etc.   When you break it down, and start to know the people and structure of the club, and the annual flow of activities, it gets easier to understand.
Our hope is the “Every Day” program will make this orientation simple, useful, and fun.
For Established Members:
The “Every Day” program can be used as a simple tool to stay engaged as a Rotarian.   Being involved means different thing to each Rotarian, so “Every Day” has a blend of mandatory items, and optional activities to fulfill the requirements.  Put in on a bulletin board or refrigerator, or just fill it out at the end of the year.  Whatever works for you! 
Once your sheet is filled out, don’t forget to turn it in to the Membership chair and get recognized as an “Every Day” Rotarian!