Jason said the Auction Committee's been working hard and now it's time for everyone to join in.  The Auction has been a major part of the Club's activities for 25 years, in different formats but it's core has always been that we approach businesses for donations which we auction off while the donors get to contribute to a good cause and raise their company's profile.

Peak earnings have been about 40,000 but last time it was down to maybe 20 so the Committee is looking to get that higher this year.  They plan to do more marketing and they need lots of donated items.  Members used to have longer to get their contracts done but it seems we always waited till the last minute anyway so this year we have a month.  Go early to give yourself time to get to the decision maker and to go back a couple of times if the donor is slow to commit.  If a donor you've been dealing with for years is not on your list you can trade.  Check with Jason.  If a potential contract is listed twice it may be because there are two locations or because they gave two items last time so view the previous donation for details.  It doesn't hurt to view or print it anyway, so you can be accurate when talking to a donor.

While we waited for technology to catch up to us, Rob reminded the Club that these are unencumbered funds - not bound by the rules of Raffle licensing - and the Club can spend it on any cause which is useful when we're trying to meet our commitment to international projects.

Jason said that gift certificates usually yield the best return but physical items, especially big ticket items, lend themselves to promotion.  The Committee will be using social media as well as traditional media.

Everything's on line now so fill out the donor status page and give a clear and full description of the donation and a picture if possible.  Then print it to confirm details.  There is a suggested text to use when talking to potential donors.  Donations should have a value of at least $50.00 to justify the value of the advertising that will be produced.

Over the last couple of years the trauma centre has been the recipient of most of the funds raised but the Board makes the final decision.  If anyone has suggestions they can bring them up at the Fireside.