Gary introduced Fred Segal who came from Pittsburgh to talk about his water filter and his work with other Clubs in Rotary.  Fred worked for 25 years in media and journalism and was National Sales Manager for WNEU TV.  He was educated at U of Pittsburgh in Art and Metallurgical Materials Engineering.  His filter is World Health Organization compliant and it stores water for future use.

Fred said that he started when he was talking to a Bishop who was promoting the drilling of wells in impoverished places and asked how the water would be cleaned.  He has since dedicated himself to this because he feels water and sanitation are the next Polio.  A UN Conference on Water 5 years ago reported that 2.9 billion people are without dependable supplies of clean water and now that number is closer to 5 billion.  Pollution now affects water down to over 600 metres and most places don't have the infrastructure to clean it.

Every 20 seconds a child dies from water borne disease.  He has sent his filters to 42 countries.  They are rated extreme protective class - they use no energy and no chemicals and they last 10 years between filters.  Each one maintains 18 liltres of water so clean water is available for cooking too.  Water that is delivered in places in Central and South America comes in trucks with no provenance and is scooped out with whatever is handy.  Water taken from rivers is full of bacteria.  The water that comes out of his filters is positively ionized which actually helps attack worms that are already ingested.  Water goes in and comes out 99.99% clean for a one time cost of $200.00.  The filter stops working when it needs cleaning every three to nine months, depending on water quality, and it is easy to clean.  The filter is made in the US and the active ingredient is a rare earth mined in Mississippi.  It is completely biodegradable.

Fred is working on obtaining a global grant which requires recruiting other clubs and he is asking for our help.