Jamie Tripp introduced Christine, the Exec. Dir. and our own Anna who's Director of Philanthropy.  They thought a bit of a review of what is happening now contrasted with some history of how hard it was for patients before might be helpful to the Club which has been so supportive.  Kathy K., on video, talked about how her experience as a patient informed her efforts as an organizer and how hard it is to work with and then lose people but how important it is to have a network when the diagnoses is made.
Christine said the Centre is in its 5th year and has established roots in the community and hopes to work, over the next 5, to build a canopy.
The Strategic Priorities established a couple of years ago called for the Centre to have a year of costs in hand and to raise $500,000.00 towards a new building.  They have made a start on both but have a long way to go.
The Centre is now open 5 days a week and offering 42 programs - those that are at capacity are repeated so there are 50 hours of programing a week.  190 people a month are taking part now, up from 147.  A skill based Board has been recruited and it is a certified charity and insured and it meets Imagine Canada's standards.  Terms of reference for all committees have been drawn up.  Annual budget approaches $250,000.00.  A Trillium grant if funding the Exec. Dir. position.
The lease on their current location expires at the end of March but they've known for a while that the space is too small and have been looking at alternatives.  A couple of big fundraising efforts in 2015 helped to raise both money and awareness and they intend to continue to spread the word.
Anna said they did not receive any Ministry funding so they rely on individuals and local business but they are applying for grants and will pursue fundraising activities.  She showed us a brief video on McKenna Murray, a young High School student who started the Pink Pumpkin campaign which has grown so dramatically and this year raised $5,475.00.
The organization bases its efforts on the 4 pillars of programming - Wellness - promoting fitness though yoga, pilates, etc.  Support - from peers and professionals.  Social - building relationships and Art - promoting mental health and fine motor development.