John Lister said he was introducing someone who needed no introduction.  Garfield is in his 5th term and serves as Education Critic.
Garfield said thanks for the opportunity and for the lunch though he had to pass on dessert - he'd counted once and over one weekend had been offered dessert 20 times and decided he had to go cold turkey.  Either that or carry his own fork, as one of his colleagues does.
He said that he was back in office but that the recent election had been disastrous, the party had blundered and lost 9 seats.  His wife Jane was returned as a Councillor and her advertising only mentioned that she was married with two children.  No reflected glory there and she received 85% of the vote.
Jim Wilson is doing a good job as interim leader and Garfield, after spending the last term doing a review of the trades and apprenticeship, asked for more and is now critic for Education.  The conservatives have stood for education with Bill Davis and the community colleges, etc.  Now he's looking at everything from day care to university and enjoying it.  He's contacting stakeholders, meeting amazing young people on the Federation of University Students, consulting with the unions and still fighting the College of Trades.  He's learning all the time.
He feels the institutions can be their own worst enemies because they don't promote the economic returns they provide, through capital expenditure, salaries and local purchasing, enhanced work forces and on and on.  Even Orillia's 1,500 students at Lakehead are making a difference.
The party is studying the sex ed curriculum being proposed by the Liberals.  Garfield feels it's a bit of a trap - that if the party comes out too hard against it they'll be branded as dated and out of touch and, perhaps, prejudiced.  But there are a lot of people who feel strongly and there will be debate.  When he suggested a low profile on the issue he had his phone lines and email jammed by religious conservatives but he thinks it's 2015, not 1955 and that should be recognized.  He looks forward to developing policies to take into the next election that will have the stakeholders on side.