Sue Cook who has served Rotary in a large number of capacities is currently working with Joyce on organizing a District 7010 Million Dollar Dinner.  They showed a video that talked about the Foundation and how it is there for emergencies like floods or earthquakes and for health issues like Polio or for education or clean water or maternal health.  It is better to light a single candle and if each Rotarian lights one, we can light up the world. A combinations of waves and wind blew thousands of starfish up on a beach and a woman walking her dog came across this scene of dying creatures.  She found one she could put back and was asked 'why bother, what difference does that make?' and she replied it made a big difference to that one.

The dinner is a $10,000.00 a plate event.  It can be paid for at once or over a few years or through donations of stock or by making a bequest in a will.  Calgary Rotarians held one and raised 2.3 million, Edmonton 4.5 and last week in Halifax they raised 1.6.  Gifts of $25,000.00 will become individual endowments named by the donors and pins that mark each level of giving.

The Foundation's program fund has a budget this year of $123 million, Polio will spend 5.5 billion over 5 years, the World Fund for Peace Scholarship Funds need a billion over several years and that still leaves the six areas of focus.  All of these things are making a difference.  Look to the Dinner - May 7 2015.