Ivan said there had been a Royal Orange Lodge band but it was failing in 1968 though there was still a demand for the tunes so a couple of alumni, including John French, contacted the Legion and got some family members involved and the Legion bought the uniforms and instruments and they advertised for members and got a good response.  A lot of work went into instruction and practice and the new band played at the 1970 Remembrance Day ceremonies.  Since then they've represented Midland at the Orange Bowl parade, the Edinburgh Tatoo, and lots of places in between.
The band now has 20 members.  It lost its drum major, Jim Malcolm, two years ago but his place has been taken by Pete Desrochers.  They march at all the local parades in Midland and surrounding communities and at all Legion events.  But the same problem has recurred, dwindling membership.  People think they'd like to join but finding playing is harder than they expected and give up.  It takes a couple of years of memorization of the tunes and learning the placement of the fingers.  As the band always performs at the Annual Inspection of the Air Cadets they asked the members if there was any interest and they recruited 4 who now play at their own Inspections.  The members went to the Netherlands (HdJ) last year and, with another couple of young guys (gr. 8) who managed to get the learning period down to a few months of hard work they went to North Bay and did very well.
Of course, things wear and their uniforms and instruments need replacement.  They do two big fundraisers a year - the Boat Cruise and the Burns Supper and they charge some fees to parade in other communities but it's not enough.
Ivan is pleased with the new, young members and their enthusiasm and greats showings at North Bay and Orillia and hopes they can keep the interest high.  He and three young associates played a couple of tunes for the Club.