Joyce told us that Arch Klumpf started the foundation in 1917 but it took a while to get going - only $700.00 in 6 years but then PH died and memorial donations poured in.  15 Trustees, including Bryn Styles, now oversee 160 million in funds and another 23 in the Endowment fund and 70 in Polio Plus.
The Annual Fund returns funds to the Districts after 3 years through matching grants.  The Endowment Fund concentrates on water and filters and Polio Plus pays for the vaccines while Polio Partners supplies the T shirts, etc.  Only two countries still report Polio so we're 'this close'.  2.5 billion have been immunized and over 50 billion has been saved in health care costs.
The Foundation supports educational initiatives with Ambassadorial Scholarships, Rotary World Peace studies at one of the 6 Schools for Peace and Conflict Resolution and through Vocational Training.
When Rotary turned 100 it developed a new Strategic Plan focusing on Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service and Leadership.
There are many ways to contribute - through Club activities, by donation, by bequest.  Each has its advantages and rewards so check with Joyce about how to help.
Dean thanked Joyce for her talk and for all she does for Rotary at the Club and District level.