Jason reminded us that the Auction is an annual event that has the members collecting donated items through November for the actual sale which is held in February.  Proceeds have, in the last few years, gone to the Trauma Centre, the Next Door, and Chigamik.  Last year it raised $33,000.00 and over the 37 years the Club has put it on it has raised over a million.  Jason feels that most businesses are familiar with the project now and are willing to participate so the goal is $50,000.00 this year.
The paper copies of the contracts are back.  It is easier to take with you and for the donor to sign for verification.  There are new promotional cards in the packages to give to donors for display in their place of business advertising both their participation and the fact that it's coming.  There will be exposure for all donors on line and in the flyer that goes out with the Mirror.  There will be no reserve bids - the feeling is that if it doesn't sell the donor gets the promotional value for nothing.
Once you've got a contract you log in to record it and edit any changes from last year.  An explanation of the process was emailed to everyone but some systems might have regarded it as spam - the word Auction - so if you didn't get it , check with Jason.
If the donor asks, suggest a gift certificate because they seem to sell closest to their value, which is good for us, and because it brings the buyer into the store, which is good for the donor.  If it's an item, try to get a picture.  If it's a certificate, a business logo might be good.  If there are duplicate contracts on the site and the donor is only giving once this year, delete the extra records.  We can always put more in again if they up it next year.  If they do give more items than last year there's a button to make duplicates.
We've all been given contracts we've held before but if you can think of a prospective donor talk to Jason and he'll make a new contract.  There's a list, scroll right down, of all the contracts out so you can check to see if you're prospect is already on it and there will be a page for trading prospects if there's someone you have a relationship with.
The Team Competition is on and the winners will be announced at Hamper Night, Nov. 25.  Any items donated to you go to Bruce or Tripp's.  Value of donations should be at least $50.00.  If someone has several items they can be listed separately to give the donor more exposure but if it's a large value it might be better to leave it as one and get it highlighted on the web page.  Check with Jason and the donor as to preferences.