Posted by David Mink on Jul 24, 2017
Jamie Tripp introduced Don Chapman, volunteer chair of the Terry Fox Run in Midland and Patrick Scott and Mike McDougall from the Run in Barrie.
Don is very passionate about the run in Midland and about helping the Terry Fox Foundation find a cure for cancer as he lost his son to the disease. September 7th is the run date for our area and there are a number of distances that you can walk, bike, crawl, take your wheel chair and our area run starts in Perkinsfield. Midland last year was ranked 16th in Ontario for fundraising (quite an accomplishment for a small centre) and this area is just shy of $2 million raised over the years. 825 participants last year and they hope it continues to grow again. In Canada overall $28 million was raised last year at 740 run sites, 8500 school sites and 2700 teams...
Our friends from the Barrie run, were sharing some of their knowledge and Patrick Scott who has chaired Barrie for many years is a walking/talking trivia knowledge person, who knows just about everything about Terry, his family and the 35 years+ that the run has taken place. Mike McDougall is stepping up to take the leadership position and is a cancer survivor, the only one in his family to survive the disease.
They challenged us all to participate in any way we can, either by taking part in the run/walk event, being part of a team or simply just make a donation to help find a cause to end the disease! They were all thanked by Britt McKerrow who presented them with an inuksuk and for this week only a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation.
** To note: Terry’s brother Fred Fox will be a guest of Fred Hacker on Tuesday August 29 for the Day in the Life series at MCC and as well he may be a guest at Midland Rotary on August 30th.