Beca Deschamps said she'd been to RYLA in April and had a great time - she met new friends, learned many new skills including leadership techniques, had great meals, enjoyed music and games and gained self knowledge.  They fill out a questionnaire before going and are presented, upon arrival, with the results and with an analysis of their personality type and lessons on how to use that analysis to work with others.  It encouraged participants to look at themselves from the outside and to focus on their strengths.  This gave her more confidence in dealing with others.  She thanked the Club for the opportunity and Maureen thanked her for representing the Club.

Ralph said he'd met Liz Fowler when she opposed a severance application he was pursuing.  She was born in Maple, moved to Toronto to go to U of T in Psychology.  She married Michael in 2008 and they reconsidered their life style and decided to leave the city.  Now she has two on line Jewelry sales operations and loves the commute - zero miles.

Dave has known Jim MacMillan for 40 years through skiing and camp when they were kids and back here after he went to Guelph to take degrees in bio sciences and a BEd as well as qualifying as an outdoors experience educator.  He married Joan in 1982 and they have three children.  He loves the outdoors, is an excellent musician with his own recording studio and is recently retired from teaching.

Jamie Tripp welcomed them both to Rotary and said that joining was one of life's milestones and an avenue for giving back.  As members we each represent our vocation to Rotary and Rotary to the community at large.  Jamie suggested that there are stages to membership - the new member is eager to get involved, the more mature member looks to take a leadership role and direct activities and the older or longer serving member lends his or her experience to the Club.  All of these stages are enjoyable and each member can move through these stages as they feel best.  Rotary applies the 4 way test to all its members do for the Club and in their lives but finally what a person gets from Rotary depends on what they give.  Our newest members were presented with their regalia and the best selling history by a famous author.