Mora introduced Suzie Parker, a charter member of the Innisfill Club and its Past President.  She and Shawn have two sons.  Shes in HR Management and is co-owner of a staffing agency.
She said she'd learned about the Shelter Box program in New Orleans soon after the Haiti earthquake and she and Shawn have since become ambassadors for the organization.  The aim is for the boxes to help stabilize and protect people after a disaster by providing shelter and supplies.  Boxes are pre-positioned around the world with a large reserve in a warehouse in Cornwall, where HQ is.  Volunteers are ready to help with boxes tailored to local conditions.  Most have blankets, water filters, solar lamps, mosquito nets and cooking utensils.  There are boxes for colder climates with more blankets and less mosquito netting.  And adjustments are made for cultural differences - sleeping bags were removed from boxes sent to Pakistan because they looked like shrouds in use there, blankets were included instead.  $1,200.00 gets a box to its site.
Boxes have been sent to 270 disasters in 90 countries and helped a million people.  They are portable and can be carried by one person.  Even though they are stored in locales around the world, they still need to be transported to the site so the question is often, how?  By plane or boat?  From which storage site?  It's a balance between need, risk and cost.
Rotary has been an important partner in identifying areas of need and by helping locally with the paperwork.  Currently there are efforts ongoing in 9 countries including Nepal, an effort that Midland has assisted.  They had a 7.9 earthquake with a 7.2 aftershock that added destruction on top of destruction.  8.1 million people need help and few buildings are safe.  A special box of school supplies goes with every hundred boxes in an effort to occupy kids productively while they are homeless.  There are also 100 in Lesbos, though they are used more for transients than for permanent residences as people pass through in overwhelming numbers.
Suzie brought the thanks of the organization for the support from our Clubs, until the next disaster.