Bruce was happy to introduce Roma and proud to have sponsored her two years ago after she went on the HART III trip and got interested in Rotary.
Roma is of Polish descent and explained that there are different ways to say her name depending on whether the speaker is annoyed, loving, related or lustful.  She started out in Oshawa and went to Durham for her Hygienist and to U of T for Dental Assistant.  I think she has a diploma in teaching adults as well.  Her son has an LLB and is working on an MBA.  She worked in a dental office and then did forensic dentistry (identifying corpses by their teeth) in Toronto.  She's been in Midland for 25 years and started on her own 4 years ago.  She's adventurous and has jumped out of planes, flown hang gliders and hot air balloons - landing one on the 401 once - and she built her own house and she loves the Tango.
Her family history is complicated but a story of hardship and hard work.  Her father was in a large group of Poles taken to Siberia when the Russians and Germans were allies but when Hitler invaded the guards abandoned them there.  A General formed them up and they marched through Tazikistan and south and ended up in the North African campaign.  Her father was an artillery man and a sharpshooter, at one point saved by a medal on his beret that deflected a bullet.  They fought up Italy as well, including at Monte Cassino.
Her grandfather was shot in the Katyn Forest as an officer leaving his wife pregnant and with three children.  They got out and also ended up in Africa and she had the one child and then, circumstances being what they were, had another but kept food on the table.
When they were trying to get on a boat to Canada Roma's grandmother was turned back because she didn't have a husband so she picked one there and they came here.  The result, for Roma, was that no hardship she suffered was ever enough to get any sympathy - don't you complain, you don't know suffering.  They had been well off in Poland but arrived here with nothing and made their way, partly as an artist in Montreal.  The other effect of all this is that the family always shared with others.  Roma feels helping the refugees is important but equally important is making sure they have something to do to give them dignity.  
Roma told it all much better than I can write it - a harsh story made light by her presentation but a lesson on the importance of welcoming the hard done by to a new opportunity.