Richard was born in 1983 in Timmins and started off in South Porcupine where his father was a doctor for the mine but his father's twin died young which caused a reconsideration and the family moved to Barrie to become more settled.  Richard has one brother who went to Western and then taught English in Italy which he enjoyed so much he went to Australia for his degree and he now teaches in England.  His mother is from England and is also a twin and is a speech pathologist at RVA.  Richard says his father is his hero and best friend who grew up in an orphanage because his parents couldn't look after two sets of twins and because his father died young.  The elder Moran is now a physician at the jail.
Richard went to high school in Barrie and enjoyed sports.  He went to Guelph to take sociology and hated that so he moved to Australia - no sociology there, maybe - to a place 1,500 kms north of Perth that has 5,000 people in the winter and 80,000 in the summer.  The beer store there is managed by his cousin so he got a job there but realized it wasn't for him so came back to school and got his degree.  Because his brother enjoyed teaching so much he took a job teaching English in Madrid and hated that.  He found the people inhospitable, teaching was not enjoyable, he actually got into a fight, had his pockets picked and his shoes stolen while he was in a bar.  Not all on the same day, I don't think.  So, back to Barrie.
A friend helped to fund law school - wrote a big cheque - and Richard was back to Australia where he had a great time and enjoyed travelling to the Phillipines and South East Asia.  He even came all the way back to take a course in France and drop in on his brother once or twice.  It was a big cheque.  He graduated in 2010, did his articling in Sudbury, took his bar exams and started at HGR where he has been having an amazing year, thanks to Ron.
Richard plays all the sports but likes hockey the best and has played at all levels, Jr. A, Jr. C, Sr. A,, semi pro in Spain and on.  He was the quarterback in high school and the won the Ontario Championship once.  He runs, plays racket sports and likes wakeboarding.  Plays golf too.  Ron should check his hourly billings, I don't know when he's got time to go to the office.
He's enjoyed Rotary and thanks Ron for inviting him.