Aaron said Wes Crown would bring 'high quality info' on planning status in Midland.
Wes said this has been the busiest year for construction and investment for the last almost 10 years.  By August almost 100 more new permits had been issued than by this time last year at a value of 60 million, twice last year's.  104 new houses.  Commercial construction way up.  A 4.9 million conversion of the Mountainview mall which will change retail in Midland and add a new restaurant in the parking lot.  The new Secondary School, at 22 million, will start soon.  7 million will be spent on the emergency department.  What used to be called Marine Park and is now known as Baypoint Village is finally near completion and will be half full by the end of the year.  There will be a new tower on Aberdeen.  The Hanson development on Little Lake is scheduled to start next year.  Work on the Downtown Master Plan has started and there will be a public input meeting in a couple of months.  This will be the redesign of 'the living room' of Midland.
Wes sees all this activity and is asking if it is a blip or a trend.  The Province forecasts growth and the Federal Government says immigration levels will rise and this will have an effect on the hinterlands of the bigger cities.  The Development Community is showing interest in the area.  TRW has a new 5 year contract which will keep their staff busy and they and others are hiring.  The Town if focusing on Economic Development with an emphasis on Tourism which has been supported this year by the 12 visits of the Cruise Ship and there may be 20 next year.  There are active committees contributing, like the Cultural and Accessibility ones.
Dean asked if accessibility will be part of the master plan as it is difficult to get a wheelchair into many downtown outlets.  Wes said the province mandates it thought the rules are different depending on what's being done to the building but by 2025 all buildings are supposed to be.  The design consultants are looking at the elevations and the possibility of changing the grades at doors.
Fred Hacker wondered about the Town's commitment to building versus it's drive to cut taxes.  Should the larger community be more involved?  Other questions resulted in information that the County is looking at Highway 93 and trying to make it more accessible and less of a highway and that the downtown review will include templates for Midland, First Street and the laneways.  There are expected to be more medical offices across from the liquor store but one tenant has pulled out so it's on hold.  Roundabouts are being reviewed but are resisted in established areas - easier to build in new construction.  And the planning on the Chigamick building is done and they are waiting on Ministry of Health funding.