Bill introduced John who has been a Rotarian for 25 years, a Past President and Past District Governor, and his wife Cora, a member of the club in Cebu.  Bill thinks the two of them are doing terrific work in the Phillipines and invited John to tell us a bit about it.

John thanked the Midland Club for its support in the past saying that when they need help, they come to Midland.  The Club helped with typhoon relief after the local Clubs had been unable to because they'd spent their resources on earthquake relief.

This Club and many others are involved in several initiatives.  The Mobile Eye Clinic accommodates two opticians that travel to places that never see medical personnel.  The Gift of Life has provided instruments and funding for heart operations - 44 so far.  There is work being done on a vaccine to combat Dengue Fever which killed 100 in Cebu last year.  There is a fire truck for the volunteers now.  There is a dental van that takes 2 dentists out and the military provides the driver.  There's also an all terrain ambulance funded by the club in Whitehorse.

There is a skill training facility with 44 apprentice welders and they will soon be running housekeeping and construction courses.  The Midland Club is helping support the Back to School initiative, which John has talked to us about before, that tries to get kids off the dump and give them a chance - Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope.  256 kids went the first year and 19 other clubs are helping, including 3 from Michigan.  There are 5,000 street kids in Cebu and John and Cora have started a mentorship program that puts young college grads in touch with some of them to help them through school.

40% of students drop out by gr. 6 and they won't be taken back so there is now the Alternative Learning System that parallels the regular school and gets children a HS degree.  1,200 are enrolled and some have graduated and taken jobs at Lear Industries so they can be independent and support their families.  There is also a Computer Scholars program for non-skilled migrants from the country who need skills to get any kind of a job. 

John showed us the graduating class with a banner they had made that said "Thank You For Giving Us Hope".  The whole first class has a job and with that comes dignity and self esteem.  It only takes $50.00 a year to give a student schooling and nutrition so "keep it up".

What you do for others will live on.