Mora introduced Paul Larche who was born in Timmins and started at the local station there at the age of 16.  By 24 he was General Manager and then promoted to Sudbury and then to Toronto.  In 1995 he became the GM of the 'Vacationland' stations and quickly took the opportunity to purchase the one in Midland, which meant Mora had a new boss.  He now owns 4 - Orillia, Sudbury, Orillia and Owen Sound and is launching a digital media outlet.  He has served as the President of the Association of Broadcasters and works with Georgian College.

Paul said that in 2008 they pledged to raise $500,000.00 for Radiology at the new cancer centre.  Their 5 year commitment was fulfilled in two and a half so they made a second one for Radiation, a CT simulator, and are already at $320,000.00 on that.  They have similar, very active, programs running in Sudbury and Owen Sound as well.  Paul says the company is committed to making a difference and enrich lives, just as Rotary does and, as their head office and their studios are in Midland they want to give back here.  The placement of their towers means they can effectively reach all of Simcoe County.

They have supported other organizations - $200,000.00 to the Salvation Army, $25,000.00 for beds at the GBGH and $30,000.00 plus tons of food for the food banks, among others, but their current focus is the Cancer Centre.  Since it opened it has experienced 25,000 new visits and is already near capacity.  The Simulator Suite pinpoints potential treatment sites for efficiency and economy and effectiveness.  It's the only one in Simcoe County.

The stations do a few different things like a Radiothon and benefit concerts, partnership programs and an online auction, on site fundraising and retail partners.  Working with Service Clubs, the stations will provide free promotion of special events, like the Party on the Dock, if a portion of the proceeds is donated to the R for R.  The benefits are held in partnership with Rama.  Groups that they have worked with include several local Lions Clubs, the Town of Georgian Bay's Mayor's Golf Tournament, the Port Severn Water Fest and Springwater Rotary.

Because this machine is here there has been a lot of traffic, 4,400 treatments in the first year.  By providing treatment locally patients have saved a million kilometres of driving and hundreds of hours on the road and money that would have been spent on hotels and meals.  3,000 Midland residents have been treated.

John Lister congratulated Paul on his vision and commitment to the community and credited the company values and the support of the staff for the success of the effort.