The Meeting began on a high as Yvonne Howell introduced our first of two Inductees in the club. Cheryl Bylik who's family accompanied her have an incredible ironwork business that is based in LA. It is incredible the work they have done and the dedication to their craft. Joyce Campbell introduced our second Inductee who is a local girl with a very long resume of successes. Yvette Robitaille most recently has a successful career in Real Estate along with her two sisters. Family Fun all around. PP Britt McKerrow preformed and inspirational induction and welcomed the new members into our club. Personally I think it was the best induction ever. I'd say the inductees were left speechless but both expressed gratitude and excitement to be welcomed into Midland Rotary.
In the second part of the meeting Phil and Jim M, spoke about the YEX program and the recent welcome canoe trip for our incomer Nico (Switzerland). After some fun photos Nico introduced himself to the club amd expressed how much he appreciated the opportunity to be here with us.
Next Phil introduced our rebound(returning) student Devony who spent the last 11 months in Austria. As a budding photographer she put together a brief selection of photos (from the 13,000 she took) to show us about the exchange and some highlights. It was indeed captivating to watch and listen.
Late announcements
Maureen reminded everyone that Women of Excellence Awards are coming up October 29th.