The flag of Chile is blue for the sky, white for the snow, red for the blood of freedom and has a star for the power of government.  There are 17,772,871 people in the country with 4,628,320 of them in Santiago which, being centrally located, divides the country between North and South.  It's so long - over 4,300 km - that it experiences every climate except tropical, but it averages only 177 km across.  Most of it is mountains, rising to over 6,900 metres, and only about 20% can be called flat and they have a major earthquake about every 5 years.  Santiago is in a valley so has a smog problem between cars, factories and lots of smokers.
Winter temperatures drop to 4 C below and there's lots of skiing, 16 resorts with 4 close to Santiago and one of them topping out at 3,334 metres.
Cultural influences are indigenous and European, Spanish especially.  The current President, Michelle Bachelet, served between 2006 and 2010 and was re-elected in 2014 to serve till 2018.  The currency is the peso which trades at 700 to the dollar and the economy is rated 5th in South America but the commodity downturn has had an effect.  They mine a lot of copper and lithium.  They export grapes, cranberries, wine and fish and import petroleum, electronics and telecommunications equipment.
Luna took us on a slide show of some Chilean highlights - they cover everything in colour in Valparaiso, everything, they have some strange statues on Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, they can get a really good look at the stars in El Valle de la Luna which is high desert and home to telescopes and in the south they have magnificent scenery of deep valleys, high waterfalls and low temperatures.
Seafood is plentiful, a popular dish is Curanto which is a stew with everything.  They have fruit for breakfast, Luna's not too keen on cereal.  Everybody's a soccer fan and Chile has been a World Cup contender 7 times but has also earned gold medals in tennis twice and, in the country, there's a rodeo culture which she thinks is hard on the animals.  The population is mostly Catholic, then Protestant but there are still strong believers in the old ways. 
Dwayne thanked Luna for a great presentation and showed her that some Canadians do hug.