Maureen said that Louis had been a member but had to take a break for business but has rejoined about a year ago and we're glad to see him back.
Louis was born in June of 1960, the second of 4 and a very large boy, in Toronto.  He had an uncle in Greece who was a Senator and who did some genealogical research and discovered that 17 generations ago their ancestor was a member of the Assassins, a killer of such skill and grace that he was known as the 'Bird'.  His descendants are known as the 'Son of the Bird' or Poulias.  Of course, these people got their name from the copius amounts of Hashish they smoked to put them in the mood so maybe that's trickled down too.
His grandfather was a mason who built bridges all around Sparta and left his name on them all.  His father was a blacksmith who got into a disagreement with some Nazis, killed a couple and went on the run through the war.  Louis went to Victoria Park Secondary School and played several sports including football which he did well enough at to get a scholarship to West Virginia but his granddad died and his dad had cancer so he came home to help out.  He worked at his great uncle's restaurant, the Acropolis, washing dishes so his restaurant career started early.  He was studying architecture in the 80's but ended up opening the Pink Grill in 87. 
As the Greek community was relatively small everybody knew everybody so funerals were kind of reunions.  He met Mary at the service for a 92 year old friend of both their families and it turned out he'd met her before, at the age of 6, and now again 17 years later.  They are polar opposites - one of them owned a white Pontiac Firebird and the other a black Chevy Camaro.  They got married in 1984 and went to Puerto Vallarta, a place they return to often.
Mary worked in a bank and he was at the restaurant so their schedules didn't mesh, which is why he took up architecture, got a job building a mall and ended up taking up a space and opening the restaurant.
After 20 years without kids they adopted Rachel, which was a bit of a change of style and a shock to their routines. 
Louis likes football and business but is also a big Star Wars fan and he has converted his attic into a shrine - he has original posters from all the movies and statues, toys, models and on and on - he showed us a video.  He's never tried to figure out what it's worth because he doesn't want to know what he's spent after 30 years of collecting.
After a long life of hard work they bought a log cabin on Sawlog Bay two years ago.  It was built in 1825 and is a prescription for high blood pressure. 
It was architecture that brought them to Midland - he worked as an architect on the reconstruction of the Brooklea and ended up staying here and opening the Olympia in 1995.  Even with that he's held other jobs, working at Discovery Harbour and then opening the Event Centre and the restaurant has been up at the BW for four years.  This year they are putting an equipped trailer on the road that will bring catering to the event - weddings,etc.