Karen reported that she had met Larry at the Legion with a bunch of others from the east coast and she was happy to say that Larry had met Leona there as well and they got married last week.  Larry was born in Midland in Sept. of 1935 and signed up at 17 as an engine mechanic.  The trip to boot camp was an education in itself - a trip to the big city and then to St. Jean, Quebec for 6 weeks of marching and trying to learn to shave though it wasn't really necessary.  But he must have impressed - he was a crack shot - and Sir Morris recruited him and tried to turn him into a killer, though he didn't really want to be one.  He did learn cat burgling and they had a Ghurka try to teach him how to sneak in the bush.  He was set to sentry duty to catch his teacher but never saw a thing.  Two hours later he strolled out of a nearby tent and Larry though he'd been had until he tried to walk and found his shoelaces tied together.
He took a cover as a flight engineer and flew on a transport to England which he remembers as being mostly loud for 11 hours.  After a 6 day layover they gave him a partner - Nomad - and sent them to Hungary where they were supposed to get hold of some documents they didn't want the Russians to have.  They were dropped in country carrying explosives.  At one point they gave some to a 15 year old who rolled under a tank and rolled out just before it blew.  
They commandeered a troop carrier, a tracked vehicle with traction but not speed and found themselves talking to a Russian so they offered him some wine and when he opened his tank cover, they tossed in a Molotov cocktail.  A second tank had it's track blown and someone opened the turret and fired into it.
Then they took over a staff car which was faster but they were being chased with Nomad firing at the rad of their pursuer.  They were trying to get to the Austrian border but were intercepted by a group of East Germans under 2 Russian officers.  Larry shot the guy with the radio and then tried wounding a couple so the rest would be held up.  They were moving but Nomad stayed back and fired but was hit in the back while trying to catch up.  Larry shot 4 of the rest and took the briefcase and left Nomad where he was.  He felt that as it was November 11 it was a good time to remember Nomad, who never came back.
He went on 4 other missions - to Poland twice by submarine, to Czechoslovakia by parachute and across Europe by train.  He finds as he gets older his dreams are fewer and less vivid but in the years immediately after he often woke himself up screaming.  These actions and those of others were not acknowledged at the time or later.  
Fred said that Larry had thought he was under the Official Secrets Act but that doesn't seem to be the case and he's now talking about these events and there will be a book soon.  Referring to the dreams, Fred said Larry had suffered PTSD which has affected the rest of his life and he would have had to suffer that in silence because no one knew what he'd been doing.  He gets the pension of a mechanic in the Air Force.