Due to circumstances entirely within my control but avoided I failed to report on Ken's Classification so - may apologies and a report.
Ken was a Charter Member of the Barrie Kempinfelt Rotary Club and served as President.  He's a sustaining member of the Foundation and a welcome addition to our Club.
Ken's slides were of a recent trip to the South Pacific and scuba diving off a 110 foot boat 4 times a day.  Then a shot of him as a goalie at 5 who took it on out of either fearlessness or stupidity.  His grandparents were almost all from England, excepting his Dad's Mom who was born in Penetang.  He was the youngest and grew up with his grandmother.  His grandfather owned a fruit store in Mt. Denis through the depression when he tried to give credit.  In 1977 his father bought a cottage and proceeded to tear it down and construct a prefab.  Ken spent 10 weeks helping his Dad and learning.  His Dad is 82 and still in the garage puttering.  Ken feels his brother pays more attention to particulars while he is more disruptive.
He moved up through the leagues, playing goalie for older teams, which was a great experience.  He attended Keiller McKay HS which was sold to the Catholic Board and became Don Bosco.
He became engaged at 21 and they moved to Sweden to play hockey and then joined a traveling team but by age 28 he saw younger kids coming up and moved back though with the benefits of a great cultural education.  He went to U of T for Political Science and graduated thinking he'd go into law but his daughter was born and he went to work.  His daughter is the centre of his life now - she's an equestrian and rides for the Canadian Junior Team.  She's at Ryerson taking sociology and hopes to join the RCMP.  At the moment she's volunteering with the Toronto Police Mounted Unit.
His Uncle Marsh lied about his age in 1944 and joined the Army but was found out and released so in 45 he managed to enlist in the Navy but Hiroshima happened and he was to be demobbed so he joined the Air Force.  Served in all three arms.
While working for a landscaping company his boss sold him some equipment and leased him some contracts, starting mostly with grass and gardens.  He took courses at Sheridan and started on hardscapes etc.  His joining Rotary in 1993 took his work to a new level, tripling through the decade.
Everything starts with drainage.  The water has to have a place to go.  But not too fast or there's erosion.  So if the level drops too much, obstacles are needed to slow the water.  The company did surrounds for pools and then moved into full installations.  This takes planning to a new level because the ages and activities of the family have to be taken into account.  Older individuals may need more steps with lower risers, for instance.  He also tries to plan plantings so there's something always blooming.  Now he has years of experience and is happy to advise.
Pools create their own challenges.  Fibreglass pools are shaped which means the hole they dig has to be precisely formed, firm and level.  The largest pool they've installed, by lifting it over a house, was 44 ft. and if that's off level it would be obvious pretty quickly.
He's always been interested in huskies and has bred lots over the years.  Other major interests are his daughter and the water, which is what brought him here to a place on Champlain Rd.  He's happy and proud to be in this Club where he's already made new friends.