Britt was happy to introduce Kathy as an old friend and someone who had been thinking about joining and has now been with the Club for a year.  When she moved to the Midland branch of the wrong bank she felt more comfortable about joining.  Britt said that Kathy offers a lot to the Club - she's fun, cute, keen and really that nice.

Kathy broke her talk down to fun facts - after she showed us a real icebreaker.  Her father owned the Shell station in Penetang and she started working there at $0.50/hr. and she had to bike to work.  Her father kept her and her brother on different shifts to maintain a level of peace and managed to imbue them both with a strong work ethic.  Her brother runs the station now and has a wife and 2 boys who play triple A hockey and golf when the ice is out.  The whole family is competitive - Kathy has won a few long drive contests and hits over 210 yards.

Kathy and her husband, a contractor, have 3 boys, as shown by the picture of the contents of her bag - something for every occasion that might arise - including shopping.  She knows her credit card number.  By the way Scotia Bank is offering a card with points already attached.  They got married on Beausoleil in 2005 and the kids are 8, 6 and 3.  Her husband has a crew of 4 and always seems to have different priorities when it comes to repairs around the house.

Her kids started skiing at 2 and they boat in the summer and go to the cottage.  They have been building on a site in Palisade Bay for 6 years, enjoying the closeness of a 10 by 10 bunky in the meantime.  She hates snakes, gossip, Chinese foo, heights (her husband skydives) and, though a big fan of movies, doesn't like sci-fi ones.

She has taken up cross fit which has introduced her to new friends and has led to entering 'tough mudder' competitions - 18 ks of up and down with obstacles like having to jump in water with ice floating in it and climbing up to a platform only to jump off into mud.

She started with the bank as a co-op student 25 years ago and has since held 10 positions in 8 places.  Now that she's branch manager her she has the opportunity to volunteer, join Rotary, do gymnastics, play golf and go curling, and participate in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Terri Fox events.  Scotiabank has supported the MCC, the MPL and the hospital foundation among other causes.  She thanks Britt for encouraging for her friendship and invitation to the Club and also Phil and Bill for their encouragement.  She is enjoying Rotary and looks forward to learning more about it all.

In the meantime, in case you were wondering, she loves blue, daisies, a jeep she had once, skiing, golf, boating, photography, shopping and playing the piano, raw crossfit and Maui.  Scotia Bank also fits in there. 

Britt thanked her and declared the Club happy that Kathy has joined.