Arnie introduced his son John as, now, a third generation Rotarian and said it was an honour and a pleasure to be back in time for his Classification after only two years in the Club.
John admitted he had tried to avoid this because he didn't know what to say but it became an interesting exercise.  Starting with the facts - born in May 1978 in St Mikes so ever since fireworks have marked the occasion and will be again, I guess, this weekend.  At first they lived out on Midland Point but his parents found it too secluded and they moved to Fifth St..  He went to Monsignor Castix, played soccer and ran cross country but was average academically and was off to St. Andrew's College which he enjoyed - the sports, the boarding and the teaching and the meeting students from all over the world which gave him a better world view.
Summers were at Camp Hurontario which was character building - facilities were basic.  He went to Western for a BA, a three year degree that he managed to acquire in 4 because of a minor in having a good time.  He has always been interested in how things work and thought maybe he should move into engineering so he took a year of science and then two at engineering but by this time his parents thought he should be supporting his own education.  He started a painting company as a summer job and thanked Jamie Tripp for his support and advice and over a few years found he was doing something in the summers he enjoyed and was good at - 7 employees - while getting tired of the academic life.  So he came back to Midland and started his contracting company and again Jamie helped out and introduced him to Dwayne who mentored and offered the voice of experience.
Projects undertaken by the company have progressed over 12 years - his first quote came out at $22,000.00, and astronomical sum and now, with a staff of 6 project managers and a roster of subs they take on work valued in the millions.  He has 4 policies - the price you're quoted is the price you pay, promises are kept, admit it when you don't know something and then go find the answer and keep on it till it's done.  He works with great people, the suppliers at Timbr Mart, the customers, his marketing guru Alison.
He loves the community and his happy to be here where he can pursue his interests and hobbies.  He loves Georgian Bay and takes advantage with the boat he shares with his father - a great deal, they split the costs and he does all the work.  In the winter it's back on the Bay with the snowmobiles and is proud to say that he has taught Bill, Ralph, Dwayne and Phil and they are the better for it.  He does the work on his house, he tinkers - anything out of a box can be improved and he's invented a boat lift for his dinghy, and he enjoys Rotary and 'co-ordinating the hell out of bingo'.
HIs wife Natalie is caring, nurturing and an amazing stepmother, Johnny is 8 and enjoys sports and people and is a motivator and center of his dad's attention and his parents are 'embarrassingly' great, both supportive and present and friends and examples.  Both have remarried to wonderful people.
He is happy to have joined Rotary, it has given an added depth to his life and he is proud to be a member.