Joyce introduced Christine Forsythe, the Exec. Director of the Cancer Support Centre and Anna Hartmann, the Director of Philanthropy. 
Christine thanked the Club for their support especially Yvonne and The Girls' Night Out event that is now in its fifth year.  The Centre now has 200 registered members which is a bittersweet level of success.  It represents a lot more people who need help - only the tip of the iceberg, in fact - and, of course, not all stories end in joyous outcomes but the Centre tries to make the passage easier and to promote a sense of community though that makes each loss even harder to take.  However, being there for the members is a life affirming experience and, having been there herself, she knows how important the support is.
We saw a short video the highlighted the concept Finding hope where hope is hard to find.  Anna emphasized that the Centre is funded entirely by donations and the programs are free to the members.  There is life after diagnosis and the Centre is part of the healing.  It means that people are not alone and that they are helped to feel comfortable.  One person, for one year, $1,085.00.  Life is good, live each day as best we can.  This fall the Centre will be going to the community for support and they ask you to reflect that you may not need it today but you, or someone you know, may soon.
They thanked the Club again for it's support and encouraged us all to reach out.