Kathy Watson was happy to have been to a Raptors game.  Jim had 5 because Valentine's weekend had 3 birthdays at his house.  Kathy Kowalski had 20 for being a grandmother to Benjamin and because her husband was doing well after a visit to emergency - and because she saw all the signs crediting Rotary and Radio for Radiation that showed what the Club contributes and how much it's appreciated when it's needed.  Steve's eldest is home for a week which makes his wife happy and they are back from visiting Arnie in Florida and his youngest is accepted at Western.  Jose had 2 for a visit to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  Danielle and Jason had birthdays and Britt is celebrating an anniversary in Rotary.
Terri was fined for always scheduling Thirsty Thursdays on the nights the GBGH Foundation Board met so she and Ralph couldn't come.  Jim had to pay for a hug, John Lister for a lack of commitment but mostly because he wasn't there, Ralph cause all his friends were in Costa Rica and Tripp for wearing his hat inside.  Roma did an excellent job on the 4 way test.
Richard got an 8 of hearts suitable for framing but no jackpot.