Actually Bruce was on his own.  Jim was happy because a day skiing with an old friend turned into a reunion as a cousin and a couple of others showed up too.  Phil and his credit cards had a great time in Kingston visiting his daughter.  Deb was happy just to see the sun and be out of boots.  Bob's grandson is coming from out west.  Roma is appointed to the College of Dental Hygienists.
Bruce found someone to read the Bulletin to him and realized that yours truly had preempted (that means stepped in front of, Bruce) him and criticized the President which is, apparently, a privilege reserved for Fines Masters alone.  Tony arranged for a replacement for his bingo shift but whoever it was failed to materialize.  Maureen, being fined by the appropriate individual, forgot to bring a plaque to present to Christine and Lister was absent so she had to pay.  Bob apparently declined to sit with Bruce, when invited, so was fined but Bob thought it was worth it.  Jamie Hunter got 3 out of 4 on the 4 way test.