Don't forget Hamper Night is November 26 and Mora wants you to know that Richard Moran has been proposed for membership.

There were four community groups represented.

Dave Gravelle spoke about the Southern Georgian Bay Family Physician Recruitment program which focuses on family doctors - specialists are another matter.  Midland Rotary has just finished its third, of three, contributions of $10,000.00 to this program and they are asking for a new three year commitment.

Dave spoke about their successes and their new new tactics - instead of going to trade shows and etc. they are concentrating on encouraging students to do placements here and then show them the many attractions of the area.  Efforts like the Annual Rural Medicine Week, partnership with the North Ontario School of Medicine and the relationship with U of T have all helped.  Two new doctors will be moving here in January.  But what they are finding is that replacing doctors is more than a one for one effort now - doctors are looking for a better work/life balance these days and it is now almost a three for one replacement equation which makes Dave's job much harder.

Physician Recruitment has an active publicity program on all platforms and Rotary will be recognized as a major supporter as it has in the past.  The program costs about $100,000.00 a year and there are other major supporters - Glen Howard's golf tournament recently donated $30,000.00 and they are getting money from Tiny and Springwater as well.

Bob Bruer and Bob Sykes spoke for Out of the Cold.  Since March of 2012 the program has been run year round and since then they have welcomed over 400 new guests, 33% of whom were women.  149 people spent the night and 28,000 meals were served.  A lot of people come for socialization and food - they may have a place to sleep but that can be isolating.  500 volunteers make this all happen.

They've been doing their regular public relations and fund raising with the Mayors coming for dinner and a walkathon in Little Lake, among other efforts.  The County is changing the way it funds these services and there will be money from them.  They are embarking on a capital campaign, there is a new Board, they have rewritten the by laws and, though there are challenges with the proposed location they are still working on it.  There will be room for 18 in a space that will be divided for privacy and security for women or youth.  It will offer a first response unit, an opportunity for socialization and lounges 24/7.  Their AGM will be Nov. 18.

Bev Prost and Mike Hamelin are working on creating a haven for homeless youth called The Next Door.  They have been incorporated since 2012 and propose to give kids between 16 and 24 who lack social supports a safe place.  Youth face dangers adults don't and often deal with drug and alcohol problems and low self esteem leading to problems at school, dropping out, hanging out with the wrong crowd and losing hope.  This home promises to give them a secure and calm environment, to teach them life skills, to encourage them to stay in school.  They have a house on Colborne St. with 3 bedrooms and two porches where they will help out while going to school or working.  Bev and Mike have a list of partners from the community that have already committed to help and they are asking for $25,000.00 from Rotary because the need is there and the opportunity is now.


Anna introduced Christine Forsyth who is filling in at the GB Cancer Centre.  They are grateful for the iPads provided by Rotary last year.  They have allowed patients to keep in touch while they are in Toronto for treatments.  2 in 5 people will get cancer and there are 255 new cases in our area each year with 1,500 living with it now.  Cancer affects the patient's family and friends and the centre has a vision of regional support which has been provided since March 2011.  There is group support, exercise classes, activities, wigs and prosthesis, a soup for the soul program and education, all free and supplied without government support.  The Penetang Hospital is slated to close soon and the Centre will have to move so they don't have a specific ask at the moment but promise that when they are clearer on their plans they will be back.

Jamie and Phil talked about student exchange, encouraging all members to include Jose in activities and to consider playing host to this pleasant and willing young man.  Phil said they had had difficulty deciding on who to send outbound this year - it was a tie - but they did pick one and have discussed the matter with others in the District.  Hearst is prepared to host a student and send our second choice as their representative if our Club pays the expenses.

We had brief reports for those Chairs who were present - Mora said our number stands at 54 but there are 3 prospective members who are considering.  There will be a College of Knowledge in January.  Anyone who sponsors a new member through this year will be eligible for a prize.  Amanda said the PR committee could use a couple of new members as they try to educate the community and help information flow back to the Club.  Bill Richardson said the Int'l Committee will be sending $10,000.00 to Polio again this year, that they will be helping a nurse from Waypoint going to Nicaragua with $23,000.00 of dental equipment, that Mister Lister is suggesting the Club consider sending $5,000.00 to a school in Lesotho that he has taught at and spoken about before and there will be a vote on that soon.

There were suggestions from members about funding opportunities.  Jan. 14 Jim McMillan will be presenting speakers on the Huronia Land Conservancy, Bruce asked if we'd ever been approached about helping provide breakfasts in the schools.  There was some discussion on the Guest House and the asks in general.  The meeting adjourned.