Joyce said Bryne is a past DG and a Director for Zone 24.  He's a benefactor and the recipient of many awards including benefactor and the Service Above Self award.  He and his wife are pharmacists and have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Bryne said that when he'd been asked to visit a few clubs he had picked Midland and was glad to be back, renewing connections and making new ones.  He said he knew he'd been here recently but that was to talk about the Foundation.  Now, however, Gary Traill has had to step down as DG because of health problems, a very difficult thing for him to do, and the 3 immediate past DGs are sharing the duties, though one person's name has to be on the documentation and that'll be be Brian Menton's.  14 of the past DGs are helping with the Club visits..

Bryne never intended to be this involved when he joined, thinking that some lunches and fellowship would be nice addition to his week but joining is just the first step in a journey and Rotary sneaks up on you and you get more involved and realise you are part of something more than just a service club.  Rotary is one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

A past Rotary International President once told him that the best way to get a message across was through a story and Bryne says we all have our stories like Peter's, a man he met at a Rotary event in NY who told him he had left home at 15 because of abuse and lived in a trailer with other men and who knows what in terms of behaviours and substances.  But he took a job with a caterer and, as part of his work, helped with two weekly Club lunches where he met people who treated him with respect.  He made his choices and is now a member of his own club.  Though Bryne met him in NY, it turns out the Clubs he worked with were two of the Barrie clubs, including Bryne's.  We don't know what effect we have sometimes.

Bryne encouraged us to go to the Conference - the best value for the dollar ever.  You get fed, good speakers, excellent fellowship and entertainment over a whole weekend and you always learn something.  Next year it'll be in Sudbury.

This year's RI Pres. is urging us to :"Light up Rotary" by holding a day that highlights Rotary to the community and show what we do both locally and internationally.  They are also emphasizing membership  and encouraging retention by working to meet the members' needs with interesting meetings and activities.  The question we should ask is, would we join now?

Bryne also promotes the Foundation, a powerful and diverse organization in the world that works at the highest level.  International is hoping members each donate $195.00 this year.  He points out the Midland is always above the average with its donations.  Districts are hosting a million dollar dinner which can be attended with a commitment of $10,000.00 or more to be spread over several years.  7010 will be holding one in the spring and we'll be hearing about it.

We look at the world and all the serious problems and wonder what one person can do but as a group we make a major difference.  Confucious, the world's first Rotarian and our current President's favourite philosopher said it was better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness but if every member lit a candle we would Light up the World.  We all want the same things, food, shelter, clean water, education and we can help others towards those things.  Imagine the world without Rotary and share our experience with others.

Polio is the organization's #1 priority and membership the # 1 concern.  Think about why you joined and why you have stayed and make notes and share them with others.