Joyce said that Lise is from Sudbury and joined Rotary there in 1993.  She's been on a group study to France, served as President in 2003, been to India and El Salvador and to 6 Conventions.  She's a major donor and served three years as Assistant Governor.  She's been the District Chair of Youth Exchange.  Lise and Roland have 2 dogs and 3 daughters, and engineer, and account co-ordinator and an acting student in Melborne and 2 sons.  
Lise told us that this year's theme is "Be A Gift To The World" and talked about the effect we have on others, as in the story about the potential suicide who is shown how his life has been of value to others.  We all have something to give and our time is now.  
Midland is doing a good job of meeting this year's goals.  Most important is not just new members but retaining existing members and the best way to do that is through fellowship.  She said she had been invited to join but her first months as a Rotarian were not successful, she felt left out, but after serving as a greeter and getting to know people encouraged her to get more involved and made the difference.
Wherever she goes - Haiti, where she was met by a sea of faces at the airport and in India with its different culture - she was met by Rotarians, welcomed and made to feel part of the Rotary family.  She encouraged everyone to go to the Conference Sept. 10-13 for a great program and to mark off a Club achievement award requirement - 10% attendance.  Pass on the gift of Rotary.