Joyce said she had travelled with Dawn a couple of times, especially to South Africa and she counts her a friend.  She lives in Keene outside Peterborough, is an RN and a professional administrator, having been the VP of a Hospice and serving on the Hospital Board there.  She's been in Rotary since 1991 and has held most offices including President in 98-99.  Her focus is on International and she has been on several wheelchair trips and a GSE co-ordinator.  She was ADG in 2005-2006, has won the Foundation District Service Award.  She has two sons and two stepdaughters.  She is looking forward to her year, to meeting and supporting all Rotarians and welcoming them to the Conference where the theme will be 'Catch the Rotary Dream'.



Dawn said she brought greetings from the International President, Ray, a wonderful fellow from Missouri.  She saw this visit as an opportunity to share Rotary with us and for her to support our activities, to share some knowledge.  She commended the Club for its achievements saying that Midland does tremendous work, has a huge budget, is bringing in new members and is a strong club.

We all need to inspire and empower others.  We are fortunate in Canada but she has seen poverty in her travels abroad but here too and her hope is to offer to work with first nations people. 

A DG nominee needs a week's training with others from the same zone and then as elect another week with all 531 DG elects in San Diego.  Though the year they were elect Ray kept talking about making Rotary bigger, better and bolder and she expected that would be his theme but it actually is 'Building Communities, Bridging Continents' which she thinks means not we should not just work within Rotary but that we should reach out.  As DG she encouraged us all to look at our best practices but also to review our traditions and to institute 'new' traditions if the old ones aren't working anymore.

Her introduction to the third world was helping to build a school in Sierra Leone and, at that point, the natives had never seen whites do manual labour.  Since then she has always been looking to go back, through CUSO and, years later, when she was invited to join Rotary, through International Service.

Her hope is that we provide service, demonstrate integrity, and work towards world peace.  She encourages the Clubs to develop a strategic plan that is done in conjunction with the District, which is there to help, not dictate.  Rotary is evolving and we should take advantage of the opportunity to change with it.

She told us that the Council of Legislation had met in April and approved some changes.  E-Clubs are now a permanent part of Rotary and each District can have two, though 7010 doesn't have one yet.  There is now a fifth avenue of service - New Generations - which aims to bring youth programs together and to introduce all Rotary programs to younger members of the community.  The Rotarian may now be received in hard copy or electronically.  Further information will be available at the Conference.

She thinks that Polio is almost defeated.  Bill Gates made a challenge grant of 355 million and Rotary has raised 135 so far.  The President is retaining last year's focus on health and hunger, water and sanitation and literacy but is adding peace and conflict resolution, economic and commercial development and adding education to literacy.

At the District they have redone the organization chart based on their leadership plan so now each of Membership, PR, Administration and Service have an administrator.  Before it all came back to the DG.  With her focus on poverty she is hoping to include some First Nations work in the Conference schedule. Tom Jackson will be the keynote speaker.  There will be an opportunity to work on a hands on project and there will be lots of excellent speakers and programs. 

Dawn said Rotary has changed the world and will continue to do so if we all continue to focus on what we do best and Build Communities and Bridge Continents.