Joyce introduced Brian and Dorothy as old friends, people she had met on a wheelchair exchange to St. Lucia.

Brian has an MA from Queen's and has spent his career in education in the North, including stints in Frobisher Bay and Yellowknife and in both places he was a member of Rotary.  He and Dorothy retired to a B & B in Haliburton and joined the Club there where he was involved in the 2002 GSE to Korea, scholarships and the Foundation, and in 2008 he became Assistant DG.  Dorothy has been Secretary of the Club and Foundation Director.  Both have been recipients of many Rotary recognitions.

Brian said he is trying to follow Jennifer Jones' suggestion that we tell our Rotary stories.  He and Dorothy were recently married when they went to Frobisher Bay to teach for 2 years.  27 years later they have spent their lives in small communities remote from the rest of the country.  The Clubs in the North are hundreds of miles apart and don't have the opportunities for joint events or even conferences.  But the two of them worked in the school systems and in the Rotary Clubs wherever they were and raised three sons.  Brian feels you can't just live in a community, you have to become part of its fabric.

Of course a strong family is a base on which to build but Rotary is a family too and both make the community better so he encourages everyone to get involved, engage in random acts of kindness and seek fullfilment.

When they moved south to the Rotary Club of Haliburton they got more involved in District issues.  The trip to Korea was life altering and brought awareness to global issues that can't be ignored.  Rotarians, he says, refuse to fall prey to indifference and he encourages continued support of the Foundation as it works to alleviate disease, provide clean water, improve maternal health, promote education and literacy, encourage peace and conflict resolution and enhance economic and community development.

He and Dorothy were asked to take on this role on short notice and, as Dorothy said, it is an enormous commitment that is having an effect on their children and grandchildren, not to mention their retirement plans.  But she says they believe in Rotary's goals and they made the choice to get involved.  Rotary has supported their family - she felt a tremendous level of support during family illnesses and deaths - and she feels that our lives in Rotary evolve through the many rewards and challenges we experience.  She encourages us all to reach out and make a difference in someone's life.

Brian suggested that Rotary has changed his life again by increasing his experience with new technologies.  He complimented the Midland Club of the tremendous amount of work it is doing and thanked it for its support to the Foundation.

Sue thanked them both for coming and said they exemplified partnerships - with each other and with Rotary.