Posted by Jamie Tripp on Aug 08, 2018
DG Susan Davidson (accompanied by Tony D.) attended our meeting and was introduced by Joyce Campbell as our Guest speaker. Joyce has known both Susan and Tony since her presidential year when she attended the R.I. Conference in South Africa. At that time they shared a un-describable vessel of maybe food and way to much wine.  Susan praised our club for our community involvement. She described our extreme contributions which are visible all over town and relate to so many worthy causes and organizations. (Cancer Care, Kids, and the disadvantaged to name a few). She also mentioned our community contribution through Music in The Park free entertainment for our residents. Our Random Acts of Kindness day inspired her to start a similar program in her own community. Being out front and giving to the community sets a great example and is invaluable PR. She recognised our tremendous history of international efforts as well as our long standing support of the Rotary Exchange Program. We are also to be commended for jointly founding a very successful Rotaract Club. Planting seeds for the future can only help maintain the Rotary Club for years to come. Susan went on to talk about the focus for the year from RI president Barry Rassin "be the inspiration" and talked about finding your passion and showing it off. Let people know what Rotary means and what it can and will achieve. We need to look within to ensure our club is evolving as an inclusive and accepting model service club. Adapting to accommodate all kinds of members will make us stronger. And Don't Forget to BRAG BRAG BRAG.
Lastly Susan reminded us of the upcoming District and RI conventions and how much fun they can be. 
Mora thanked Susan for her talk which obviously showed she knows way too much about Midland (jealous) and then Mora stiffed her for an Inukshuk.
Final Note.
    " Some men see things as they are and ask why, others see how things could be and ask why not" thanks RK