Mora was thrilled to introduce Debra, a friend of 27 years.  Whenever Mora wonders who would make a good Rotarian, she always thinks of Debra and, up till now, whenever Mora asks her Debra has always put her off but now she's here.  Three things - Debra's a fantastic swimmer, a fantastic sewer and the best 'bite the bag' player ever.

Debra said she was born in Melbourne where her father worked as an exec with Mattel.  When she was 14 her father was transferred to Toronto and while she was going to Richmond Collegiate she met a boy who took her to visit his family's cottage on Georgian Bay.  Latter her father moved to LA but she stayed with the boy and the Bay.  She took a B. Comm in London and got a job there with Holiday Inn but Brian, the GB boy, was working in Midland at the radio station so she moved to the Highland and met Mora.  Then Brian moved to London and they spent a couple of years there. 

Her father, meanwhile, had decided he wanted to raise horses and he needed help with his new operation in Kentucky.  Thus began a three year immigration odyssey - she couldn't go to the US as an Australian and come back to Canada so she became a Canadian citizen and in 1999 they took over the Elk Hill farm - Debra doing the financials and admin and Brian doing the operations.  This was a huge learning curve for them both and is the source of incredible memories - new foals, the Kentucky Derby, driving 3 hours so their son could play hockey on the only team in the area.  But her father sold out and they moved to Cambridge where she worked in a medical facility and Brian took a job with a Larch station in Kitchener.  A job at the station in Midland opened up and after 18 years they are back by the Bay.

Debra joined the Physician's Support office to generate and organize the data they use to justify the dollars spent.  It's valuable work for a valuable institution and she enjoys it.

The family is close knit because of their moves.  Her daughter is 24 and engaged and taking HR at U of T.  Her son is 22 and is marine navigation and is wheelsman on a laker as we speak, gaining experience.  Brian is on the morning team at a local station and they've no been together for 26 years.  They love being back and getting out on the boat.  She thanked the Club for the invitation and the welcome to the Rotary Family.