Posted by Jamie Tripp on Nov 19, 2018
It's important on occasion to have an update from long serving members. This helps to keep us all up to date on what you've been up too and also introduce you to new members as well as remind past members of some of the clubs activities through the years.
Dave Mink presented his re-classification and a tremendous review of his time in Rotary. From dragon boat races to The Cottage Draw, as well as the trail, the dock shelter, and Little Lake Rotary Bandstand. Dave has a very supportive and loving family that have allowed him to do so much. Dave's son AJ is in the family business (auto) and Michelle continues to work with the Terry Fox Foundation as well as the Georgian Bay Gals plus all of her training and fitness business. Dave's dad Ernie who started Mink Insurance turns 90 next month. Dave has enjoyed building the business and last year engaged a succession plan that would take care of his business and staff moving forward. McDougal Brokage Group has take over and will continue to employ ans support staff as well as the local customers. Dave continues to work at the office, doing what he loves but still makes time to support Rotary and get in a few days south. Currently Dave is the Club Secretary and is working his way to President.
Fred thanked Dave and commented that even through a busy life he and others continued with Rotary and have shown us all that it can be done, and done well! Congrats Dave and Carry On.