Britt was pleased to present a cheque to Kate Hunter for Shelter Now's Community Kitchen Programme.  85% of their clients have mental health issues and this program aims to help them develop skills and healthy eating habits.  The staff and clients have planted a garden and are planning meals.  The Club is contributing $2,500.00.  Kate expressed thanks on behalf of the Board and Staff and residents of Shelter Now and said the programme would be starting now.

Britt also asked for votes on $5,000.00 for a bed lift for CLH and a commitment of $10,000.00 a year for 3 years to Physician Recruitment.

Britt asked John Lister to discuss a concept from the Community Services Committee.
John reported that the Committee has been exploring the concept of a Signature Project, one that would be significant and would address a community need.  Generally, he said, the Club supports physical projects, like trails, bandshells, buildings, which are built and then left.  Sometimes the Club does virtual projects, like mentoring.  But what they are suggesting here is a multi year project with everyone involved - as much as a million dollars over time and engaging partners and matching grants and donations.

Rotary would drive it and make the approaches to the potential partners and supervise over the long term.  He suggests researching needs by asking the NSCFD, the Hospital etc. and find priorities that the Club can address.  Suggestions can be brought forward over the summer and final discussions can be held in the fall.

Fred Hacker noted that while this could be worthwhile such a project should not take away from the traditional areas of service and the various programs the Club has traditionally supported.  He also suggests that sufficient time be taken to establish the project's goals and objectives clearly.  Hank asked if there was anything in the Visioning exercise and Aaron Ledlie suggested members review that document.  Bruyce Wilcox reminded the Club that Rotary had been instrumental in the founding of both CLH and Rosewood, important organizations that are now self sustaining.  Steve noted that Barrie Clubs had built the Rotary House there.  Lister agreed that such projects can be done and that it could invigorate the Club.  He asked for ideas to be brought forward to the May 2nd meeting or given to Community Service Committee members.  Ron said it will be discussed by the combined Boards at their next meetings.