Amanda said she'd been working at Community Reach since January and had asked Rick to talk about the transit service and how important that is to people who don't have transportation.
Rick said that over the last 12 years the program had provided over 30,000 rides - all by volunteers.  The service is free to clients and not only does it offer transport, it often results in strong relationships between the volunteer and the traveler.  And it is more than just rides - some people need help with the activities of daily living, with shopping, with managing their appointments.  With the help of a volunteer, people build confidence in the real world and the helpful and considerate volunteers are a huge support to an appreciative clientele.  
Jim Anderson, who mostly drives the Wheelchair van, has driven transit clients and remembered three.  One is an elderly widow who is fit but has medical appointments out of town and she pays the staff with baking.  Another widow he has worked with lives in a house in Port McNicoll, on her own as her only son is in Calgary, and Jim has driven her to the day out program at Georgian Village - an opportunity to socialize she wouldn't have otherwise.  And the third is only middle aged, though Jim seems to think he is too, but has a visual impairment and she needs to get from Lafontaine to a specialist in the City.  Imagine trying to do that on your own.  Jim says the service makes it possible for people to do things we take for granted.
Rick said the volunteers all deserve a lot of credit.  They make a major commitment and they bring dignity, confidence, independence, connections, health, freedom and opportunities to people who need help.  CR serves all of North Simcoe, down to Elmvale and over to Coldwater and towards Honey Harbour.  There's a small population in a large area and as many as 10% don't have cars.  The drivers are all defensive driving trained.
Mileage runs, on average, at about $31.00 per trip - to the GTA is over $100.00.  CR is supported by the 4 Communities and the United Way but they do fundraising and accept in kind support as well.  And they are always looking for volunteers.