Terri said that Club Service had introduced the Thirsty Thursdays at the Best Western which was popular and that there will be a Civic Luncheon on June 11 at the BW.  The speaker has waived his fee and proceeds will go to the Foundation.  The Committee has been trying to organize a group trip to the theatre but scheduling is difficult.

Dave reports that Community Service started with $120,000.00 and has committed about $95,000.00 of that.  They are currently considering requests from Shelter Now and the Gymnastics Club.  They plan to work on signage on the trail system, especially sgns that recognize the efforts of Duncan and Ed in their creation.  The Committee is in talks with the Town about turning the Esso station lot on King St. into a park and an outdoor skating rink.  It is a brownfield site and building will not happen there for a long time.  If the company agrees to lend the site it will cost between $25 and 30,000.00.

Vocational Service has presented today's award and, Jamie Tripp said, will be welcoming a new inbound student from Ecuador in August.  Naomi has been keeping up with the Student of the Month awards and there will be an Adventure in Citizenship and in Technology program this spring.  Jamie says work on an Interact Club for the High Schools for next year will start soon.

Joyce reported that the Club's goal for the Foundation this year is $11,875.00 and we are at $11,794.00 which is $274.00 per capita.  The goal for Polio was $15,000.00 and $14,000.00 has been raised.  She encouraged members to consider becoming benefactors by making a donation in our wills.

International has $13,000.00 left from 50, said Bill.  10 went to the Philipines which suffered terribly and John Lahr managed to increase that by 4 with matching grants.  $5,000.00 is supporting the St. T's kids in Kenya and the Club contributed to HART IV.  Bill noted some of that mission's many achievements which he sent out last week under separate cover.  The Committee is exploring the possibility of another mission to either South America or Africa in 2015 and received a strong indication of interest from many members.

Mora said her goal had been to get membership to 50 and we stand at 51.  11 have joined and 3 have left the Club.  Including the honouraries our total is 64 - 67% of whom are male.

Ron Crane reminded the Club that we do have a charitable number and can issue receipts.  There are some new by laws affecting clubs coming which he will be reporting on soon.  President's Night is June 26 and there will be a disco theme.  It's at the BW and there will not be a lunch meeting that day.

Maureen is off to Australia for the Conference, she plans to reintroduce the speaker's board - each one bring one and we'll be done.  She's also going to ask each of us to discuss their individual Rotary Moment.  This year's theme is Light Up Rotary which expresses the intention to raise awareness of Rotary in the community.  The September conference will be in Val d'Or.

Hank distributed a report on the Club's bank balances and discussed billing practices briefly.

Britt thanked the Board for their work.