Britt had the final number from Ralph for this year's POD - $73,740.00.  Congratulations.

She asked Dave to start off with Community Services.  He says they've got a budget of $125,000.00 but $50,000.00 is already committed to the Trauma Centre and $25,000.00 for the Trials.  There is a $3,000.00 amount pre-approved a while ago for a dictionary give away but he wondered if that was still the way to go.  The Club is hosting the Tall Ships Captains' Dinner and a few Rotarians will be joining him to welcome the crews.  He is anticipating requests for help from the Guesthouse and from Wendat's new Seniors' Home, though they have been doing a great job of fundraising already.  His Committee is facing the problem of individual hardship requests.  They all sound like they need help but someone has to do due diligence and that's time consuming.  Penetang has stopped taking them and the Salvation Army no longer wants to operate under the grant system that was used for a few years.  They will review the problem.  They are also still looking at the idea of an Incubator Project that was suggested during the Signature Project discussions.

Bill R. is Chair of International - budget $50,000.00.  The Committee is looking at International's Areas of Focus - peace, disease, water, maternal, education and economic and community development so they are committing again to Polio Plus and to a follow up on the HART III trip.  Projects promoting self sufficiency in Africa, Aboriginal concerns, providing clean water, the Life 4 Kids orphanage and, perhaps, working towards another mission in 2015.

Jamie Tripp said one focus of Vocational will be starting Interact clubs at the schools while maintaining the Vocational projects and special trips.  He wants to see more vicational visits to local businesses and Group Study support.

Joyce is the new Foundation Chair and says this year will be a year of education with a goal of an annual program.  This Board will continue to donate $100.00 to Polio Plus in the name of our speakers.  She is encouraging people to become Bequestors - more than $10,000.00 left in the will - or Benefactors - up to 10.  As well she hopes to see every Rotarian every year with an average donation of $175.00.  Every new member will be asked to donate $10.00 to get them started in the tradition we hope they will continue in. 

Robim Wells is the Club Service Chair but was unfortunately absent.  Britt said there will be a boat in and she has since sent information on that out so that should be fun.

Mora is going to get all sorts of new members for us this year.  She says we've dropped for 50 to 44 since 2009 and she wants us back up to 50.  There will be a lot of PR, starting with the billboard and including radio, the new website and direct mail.  Each current member has to be involved, we are all ambassadors for the Club and we should be encouraging people to help us do some good.

Alison is leading PR with a budget of $5,000.00, 2 of which has gone to the billboard and the rest will be spent on media.  There will be more Press Releases and an emphasis on social media so check out the facebook page and like it, comment on it and share in on your wall.  It will all help to increase the Club's reach.

Britt thanked the Chairs, said it was a great Board, a motivated group and there's more to come.