Sarah Benson said the idea behind the Centre (going to write this without using the word 'entrepren.... again) is to accelerate the growth of your business and it works out of all 7 campuses.  (Campi?)  Active and growing businesses will contribute to keeping young people in the area and help people break down barriers to their success.  The program works on four pillars - Mentorship, Training, Networking and Funding.
The Centre has a pool of mentors who located in all the communities, not just Barrie, who have or had a business and who are paid.  They have particular expertise and are matched so as to be most effective.
Funding comes through Ontario's Centres of Excellence program and there is support from NSCF, the MaRS for market research and funding for social networking intiatives which is matched by the government up to $2,500.00, and the Angel Network.
She's enthusiastic about the opportunities the Centre presents to business people looking for advice and support - a valuable resource.