Ron introduced our MP, Bruce Stanton, as a local businessman and a hard worker with a strong reputation in the riding.
Bruce started by congratulating Emily on her work and sacrifice and commented that working to change the lives of others is one of Rotary's goals.  He said he valued his years in Rotary and had gone on a study exchange back in 1984.  He had to take an honourary status when he got elected but looks forward to returning.
He remarked that despite the large number of negatives around the world Canada has set a stage and the financial foundations that will stand it in good stead as the world works through these various crises.  We hear from outside commentators, like Moody's, that the Country has an economic resilience and diversity and that we are lucky to live in a country that stands 2nd on the Attractiveness index.  The US C of C notes that Canada has recovered faster than most other countries though we all understand that we are not out of the woods yet, primarily because Canada is a trading economy and we need healthy partners.
The world economy is more integrated and more complicated than ever but the G20 countries, which represent 90% of the world's GDP, have worked together to avoid the worst.  Unemployment hit 10.3% in Canada but that rate has been dropping and now stands at 7.6 in Huronia.  Businesses are gaining confidence and government is facilitating new jobs.  He understands that manufacturing is a major concern in this area but manufacturing is in decline all over and those jobs are being replaced by service jobs and construction. 
It's a new economy.  While, over the last 5 years 1 job in 7 has been lost, many of those have been replaced  due to technological advances which have enhanced productivity and to aging demographics which change demand to goods and services.  He says the government's focus is to create a strong economy and yes, the gov't promoted infrastructure spending but it is looking now to the private sector to create jobs.
Bruce, in answer to a question, said they support the prospect of a bridge to Christian Island as offering the best opportunities to the Band for self improvement but said the Council had to take the lead.  To another question he said health care decisions are a Provincial responsibility but that Health Canada is promoting awareness of good nutrition, of the hazards of smoking and the benefits of fitness.  Regarding the Arctic he said sovereignty will become more important as warming opens the sea ways and the gov't will have to work on economic development and environmental protection.
He thanked the Club for the work it does, for the special events and the individual efforts and received his certificate marking the donation in his name to Polio Plus.