Jose was doing a great job with our National Anthem I noticed.  Maybe we should all learn the one for Ecuador.  Bruce introduced Mike Proulx, Dave Gravelle, Dr. Ian Waggs and Tracy Sarmiento. 
Jamie Hunter arrived from wherever and tried to abscond with our hard earned dollars but right prevailed and there's still a chance.
Phil said the student the Club had decided to send to Denmark has declined the offer, which is too bad, but the opportunity has been offered to Fiona who is thrilled to go so that's good.
Aaron of the good news is sending us another bill soon which will continue the move to billing in advance.
Mike Proulx said he has many Rotary moments - the Dean Nicholls roast, the Hogg River and Sturgeon River clean up projects, helping Rosewood and working on the Trail, building the stage at Little Lake and enjoying the Music in the Park programs, HART III and, finally, the Saguenay Trip when the rains poured and the dams broke and 5 guys took two trucks and 14 hours to take furniture and appliances to Chicoutimi, the heart of separatism.  He said it was a real feel good experience, especially when one of the guys on the loading dock heard that these guys were from Ontario and said, in surprise, They look Normal!!