Joyce pointed out that she'd inducted Anna - Andre had sponsored her.
Anna was born Jan 8, 1985 in Midland, her father a teacher at MSS and her mother an elementary school teacher.  Her sister also became a teacher.  Her father's family goes back in Midland - Hartmann's Hardware was her great uncle and her mother's father was a Principal in Penetang.  Her grandparent's cottages gave her and her sister introductions to canoeing and camping and bathing in buckets - a recently established tradition among Midland Rotarians.  Even though her generation started out with a TV with bunny ears she is familiar with technology and is comfortable in both worlds.  Her mother's family cottage was a summer long escape while growing up.
She went to Regent and St. T's which she liked for the sense of community and activities run by people volunteering which has been part of her impulse to give back.  She was on the volleyball team there and they won OFSAA while she was in gr. 11.  She joined the team in Guelph when she started there and spent the first year learning to sit on the bench.
A friend of hers was a Rotary exchange student who went to Denmark and Anna fit a trip to visit, with time in Copenhagen, on a March break - giving her the taste for travel.  For her first two years at Guelph she took philosophy and parties but for her third year she transferred to Bullarat in Australia, near where her sister lived and took all phys ed classes, waitressed and travelled.  Back in Guelph she gave up volleyball and filled the time with a full time job and graduated in psychology.
Meanwhile she'd met Chris, also a volleyball player and it turned out their mothers were old friends.
She moved to Toronto with high hopes and first worked as the only white person in a Thai restaurant and between being deaf in one ear and the language that was problematic.  So she became a Dating Consultant which turned out to be a site for people of high net worth who were too busy to cruise and an unfair fee schedule so she decided to go back to school and signed up for Fund Raising and Resource Management at Georgian.  It was correspondence and Chris managed to take his courses on line too so they went to Thailand for the year - studying in the morning and touristing in the afternoon.
Returned to Midland she took an internship at CLH which turned into a job and she is still volunteering there.  Then an opportunity with the first paid position at the Cancer Support Centre and she is now the Director of Philanthropy.
She took up running and tried a half marathon but felt terrible and it turned out to be type 1 Diabetes, perhaps as a result of damage to her system from  bout of dengue fever in Thailand.  A whole new set of routines required for this but she can manage it and was thrilled to welcome Will who is now looking forward to being a brother.
Andre thanked Anna for everything she brings to the Club.