Dave said that since the start of physician recruitment there had been a tremendous relationship with the Midland Rotary Club - one of the founding funders and a supporter ever since.  The Rotary Club of Midland gets tops billing on all documentation.  Recruitment in Midland is forging other partnerships - notably with the U of T's Rural Medicine Week which sees students sent to smaller communities to engage them and encourage them to become our future doctors.  Shauna Comstock came under that program and then asked if she could come again for an internship.  She had a great visit and now is working on a 6 month residency which started on July 1.

The Northern School of Medicine has a comprehensive Community Clerkship program which sees two 3rd year students become members of the community during training.  This program puts and emphasis on a Social Community mandate that works to affect the community being served.  The students will work on a long term project which has yet to be determined.  Between these programs the span of a doctors education is covered and it all works to provide a longer term solution to physician shortages, instead of constantly scrambling to fill positions.

David announced that Shauna and her husband Colin have agreed to stay after their residencies.  They will settle here with their son.  As well Dr. Kevin Bryon is joining Chigamik and Dr. Emily Queenan will be moving here from Rochester in early summer next year.  The Glen Howard golf classic raised $30,000.00 for recruitment and Dave offered thanks to all who participated and sponsored the event.