Terry said that Joyce had been born in Boston and moved to Canada in 1966.  She has three sons, 5 grandsons and one granddaughter.  She worked as Economic Development Officer, in Marketing and, most recently, at Rosewood.  She's been a member of Rotary since 1988, as been Secretary and served as President in 06-07.  She's been on wheelchair exchanges to St. Lucia and a Friendship Exchange to South Africa and she still keeps in contact with people there.  A polio survivor, she's passionate about Polio Plus and she's a multiple Paul Harris and a benefactor.  She is serving this year as Assistant District Governor.

Joyce said the ADG works with the DG in areas of administration, in helping work toward the theme and in maintaining the direction of the District.  Ray is the 100the President.  He studied on an Ambassadorial Scholarship in South Africa and has been in Rotary for 50 years.  His attitude is 'Bigger, Better, Bolder' and his logice is Cowboy Logic - dust yourself off and get back on again..  His theme is Building Communities, Bridging Continents and Joyce thinks this encapsulates Rotary. 

DG Dawn is dynamic, has traveled with GSE's, wheelchair exchanges, and is passionate about Rotary.  She works to 'keep it simple', encourages pride in our work and suggests we make it visible to our communities.  District is on the new leadership model and is promoting Fellowship, Integrity, Leadership, Service, Diversity and Values.  Dawn plans in her year to support the Clubs, to increase humanitarian service and to enhance public awareness.


India has been Polio free for 6 months and Nigeria has gone from 300 cases last year to 3 this.

There is a new avenue of service - Youth.  District 7010 is ranked 5th in contributions to the Centennial School in Afghanistan that now has 4,000 students, many of them girls.

Next year's District Conference will be a Rendezvous on Rosseau with Adrienne Clarkson to speak and will be held Sept 29 to Oct 3.  And, of course, May 21-25 they will be letting to good times roll in New Orleans.  The District has rooms booked, check their website.

The GSE from Central America was a great success and the return trip is scheduled for Feb. and the travelers are booked.  There will be a GSE from El Salvador coming in March to visit areas of interest to their vocation in another culture.  Ray has introduced a new program called a Safari - 5 - 8 people from developed areas will travel to less developed ones to investigate and help with projects and tourism.  They will last 7 - 10 days and will be self funded.

Innisfil was chartered in June.  Springwater will be a recognized Club in a couple of months.  Nov. 6th there will be a Foundation seminar here. 

Phil thanked Joyce for her presentation, her hard work and her dedication and in her honour the Club is donating a bed kit in her name.